A Zoom meeting was held last week with the elected officers of the Meyers Aircraft Owners Association (MAOA) along with two additional esteemed MAOA members to discuss the status of our annual Fly-In this year set for Sedona, AZ.  Joining the meeting were Dr. Jamon Pruitt and Mr. John D. Lyon, Esq. for their perspectives.  As you are aware, COVID-19 creates concern for our group and this gathering.  Dr. Pruitt’s background helped us see through the political fog as to how to realistically view our exposure and Mr. Lyon’s expertise helped us to assure that we would not have a legal snag (and also just because because it is Mr. John D. Lyon who is a true sage).  It was decided that if done properly, the Fly-In can safely proceed for September 9-13, 2020 at KSEZ.   In the meeting, we carefully addressed what procedures need to be followed to make this a safe and successful Fly-In for all those who wish to attend.

It will be necessary for our group to follow CDC and the city of Sedona, AZ procedures to help keep everyone safe and comfortable in a group setting. Please refer to the CDC website: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/prevention.html for details on social distancing, hand washing, facial coverings, and surface cleaning.  MAOA will not be providing a group van because, as Dr. Pruitt pointed out, the most likely place to contract the virus is in densely packed and enclosed spaces with poor ventilation.  Rental cars are advised but, Uber is another option available in Sedona.  An example is that a ride from the Andante Inn to Relics Restaurant is about $5.28.  This fare could be theoretically be split 3 ways however, this would defeat the purpose of not having a group van in order to protect social distancing.  Our recommendation is to use rental cars or to ride as a single in the Uber with the windows 1/4 open for ventilation.  Sedona Car Rentals (www.sedonacarrentals.com) is located at KSEZ and is offering a special rate to Meyers Aircraft Owners.  As always, everyone is free to make their own transportation choices.

Since we are asking all attendees to follow CDC and Sedona guidelines, we are requesting that facial coverings or masks be worn when social distancing is not possible in order to better protect (and respect) our more vulnerable members.  As of this writing, the City of Sedona is requiring masks in all public locations.  Upon arrival, MAOA will offer hand sanitizer, masks, and temperature checks to all of our members and guests at check-in.

Our host hotel, the Andante Inn, has some its own procedures for COVID -19 and we ask that your refer to: https://www.andanteinn.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Covid-Alert-Andante-Inn-Sedona.pdf.  The scenic train ride is still scheduled for Friday, September 11 however, the train will be running with only 50% of its capacity.  We encourage those who wish to attend to make their reservations by calling 800-293-7245 and mention that you are traveling with Ross Warner of the Meyers Aircraft Owners Association.  The Saturday banquet will still be held at Relics Restaurant & Roadhouse.  Please contact Ross Warner by September 1, 2020 if you plan to attend the banquet so we can have a head count and everyone’s menu selection. As for other activities, most of the outdoor parks and trails are open!  One of our members has recommended Safari jeep tours (www.safarijeeptours.com) as a great outside activity.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ross Warner at rosswarneriii@gmail.com or by phone at (269) 369-1052.  Our MAOA secretary, Karen Wade, can be reached at karenhwade@msn.com or (337)526-9632.

We look forward to seeing you in September!

Ross Warner

President, Meyers Aircraft Owners Association


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