Edward Pierson

  • Thanks, Dennis, Ed and Thomas for your input. I get the impression that landing is not so much the problem as keeping it straight on a Vx departure. Our airport authority is working on getting the offending trees down so I should probably wait for less obstructed approaches.
    Interestingly enough I tried a Myers using Microsoft FSX. While generally…[Read more]

  • Thanks, Ed
    Our winds are usually less than 10 Knots, seldom with a crosswind. The grass can be wet, so that limits braking effectiveness. We do have an F33 based here and he doesn’t appear to have any trouble, but I haven’t had the chance to find out what his weight is and what approach speed he’s using.

  • Howdy folks,
    I’m a new member here, just beginning the search for a replacement airplane. I currently fly an Air Cam, which is probably an aircraft best understood as an Anti-Meyers. Superb short field performance but at the cost of a cruise speed equal to a Meyers 200 approach speed. I am airfield limited in that there is only one airport on the…[Read more]

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