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  • Mr. Jones,

    Thank you for the guidance in June. At this point, I have given dozens of rides, and I am gaining some level of competency concerning crosswind landings. I still don’t know an absolute personal crosswind limitation, but that is probably a good thing. I continue to fly it on days with a safety margin.

    I have had occasions where it…[Read more]

  • Donald Shipp replied to the topic in the forum Donald Shipp 7 years ago

    Mr. Jones,

    Thank you so much! Any information is appreciated. I have never bent an airplane, and I hope that I never do. This airplane was previously owned by the now deceased Tom Doherty for 50 years who was my first flight instructor. Tom was in WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam. He flew P-51s out of St. Paul, MN for 1,000s of hours, and he once…[Read more]

  • Donald Shipp started the topic in the forum Airframe – Meyers OTW 7 years ago

    My Dad owns an OTW that is recently restored. It was restored because a previous partner severely ground looped it and tore off the landing gear. It took years to rebuild. I flew it about 10 hours last summer and have not landed it on pavement as of yet. I have over 1,000 hours of tail wheel time, and over 20,000 hours of total flight…[Read more]

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