TruTrak is almost ready to create the STC for our Meyers 200s!  TruTrak Flight Systems is a leader and innovator in the experimental and light sport aircraft autopilot market.  In order to gauge their popularity with the Meyers 200 owners, TruTrak has asked one of our members, Dean Siracusa, to inquire as to how many people would be interested in purchasing their all-new digital autopilot for the Meyers 200 airplane.  The cost of the autopilot will be about $5,000 and installation is said to take roughly 30 hours.   There is no deposit needed at this time– just a request for your feedback.

This modern digital autopilot includes:

Bank Angle Select (if no GPS signal)

Track Select

GPS Nav (Point to point type flight plans)

GPSS (Roll Steering commands)

Vertical Speed Select

Altitude Hold

Altitude Select

Altitude Pre-Select

GPSV (LPV Approaches)

Control Wheel Steering

Emergency Level

AEP (Bank Angle Protection Mode)

Roll Servo

Pitch Servo

Install Kit

Wiring Harness

If you are interested in the TruTrak autopilot, please contact Dean Siracusa directly by email: or by phone: (310) 291-5480.  A forum on our website has also been started about this subject so, please feel free to ask questions!

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