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  • Call a locksmith, while I’ve not seen a Meyers, but my Cessna, my Maule and I’ve been told that Beechcraft all use desk locks, the kind you can get at a home improvement store, the little bar that actually locks may be modified though.
    But a Locksmith should be able to extract the lock cylinder without damaging anything, or so I’ve been told.…[Read more]

  • Ref seats, Maule’s seats are absolutely horrible, a lot like maybe a 60’s VW seats or some other budget automobile way back when seats were flat.
    Anyway Oregon Aero absolutely transformed my seats, I didn’t think it possible, but where my back was hurting in that flat seat that if anything was caved in some in the middle in an hour I could fly c…[Read more]

  • Thanks, hopefully I will be signing a purchase contract very soon, maybe today? and arranging for an annual as opposed to a “pre-buy”, I don’t believe in pre-buys, for one to be any good it should cover everything an annual does, and if you do that, why not reset the clock?

    Anyway one member is handling the sale, and another the annual.
    I don’t…[Read more]

  • Old post so not sure I should post. but yes flight control balancing is extremely important, yes it needs to be done if painted, the specs will be on the factory drawings and hopefully in the maintenance manual.
    an improperly balanced flight control could flutter, and that can easily lead to a fatal accident, in flight break up kind.

    • The flight controls do NOT need to be balanced because thy are controlled by rods in the Meyers 200’s. The flight controls that are controlled by CABLES are required to be balanced.

  • My last attempt to post disappeared, hopefully this one will go better.
    Like you I’m in the looking to buy phase, and like you I’ve been looking at other aircraft.
    First everything I’m going to say is my opinion, and it’s likely to go against what many here will say.
    First I don’t have a Meyers, never even flown in one, but I’ll get back to the…[Read more]

  • I’ve not on a Meyers, but as it’s an STC there is a 337 required, one guy on Ebay and IA will do the paperwork for $190 I believe.
    The weight change is insignificant so no rebalance required.

    My opinion is it ought to be a minor alteration and shoud not require a 337, but my opinion isn’t worth much I guess.

  • I know this is an old thread, But Harold Kosola of Kosola associates in Albany Ga rebuilds most any engine mounts, steel tube landing gear etc, and as the Meyers were built in Albany Ga I’d be surprised if Harold doesn’t have a fixture.

    Harold isn’t a young guy so I don’t know if the business is still up and running or not

  • I’m a newby, looking at procuring a Meyers 200D.

    I’m looking at a Meyers largely because of personal connections to the aircraft, first my Wife’s Grandfather who had run the TaylorCraft plant pre WWII was hired by North American Rockwell to establish the assembly line in the new Albany Ga plant.
    I was born and raised in Albany, met my wife there…[Read more]

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